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20782 Walnut St

Dunnellon, FL 34431

In Store Front

Our web site links to all the yarn companies we order from

plus Knit and Crochet

Supplies. We also carry a

wide variety of unique gifts.

  • Pocket Charms
  • Figurines & Fan Pulls
  • Knit and Crochet Supplies
  • Brand Name Yarns & Patterns
  • Handmade Baby Items

Instructional Videos

This is a section that

will show vidoes of how to

knit or crochet projects as well

as knitting and crochet stitches.

Decorative edgings and more.

On Line Store

Our On Line Store

carries Hand Made

items form local crafters

as well as Patterns, Kits,

Yarn and Unique Gifts.

  • Dunnellon Souvenirs

  • Car Charms & Coasters

  • Bookmarks

  • Wind Spinners

  • Antiques and Collectables

  • Embroidered Dish Towels & Pillow Cases

  • Handmade Shawls & Scarves

  • Handmade Hats & Wrist Warmers

  • Kaftans and Sarongs

  • Handmade Jewerly

Items We


Susan Bates, Boye, Skacel, ChiGoo, Clover, Plymouth, Berroco, Dark Horse, Universal, Feza, knitting needles, crochet hooks, embroidery floss, embroidery hoops, knitting accessories, crochet accessories, handmade jewerly, handmade baby jackets, handmade wrist warmers, handmade hats, instructional videos, dunnellon souvenirs, rain gauges, figurines,  car charms, car coasters, lacey hankies, handmade shawls, handmade scarves, dreamcatcher key rings, dreamcatchers, earrings, stuffed animals, dunnellon postcards, antiques and collectables, sarongs, kaftans, embroidered dish towels, embroidered pillowcases, embroidered throw pillows, fan pulls, 3-d bookmarks, bobbin lace bookmarks l patritic windspinners, smal bird windspinners.



"Your Neighborhood Gift Shop and Yarn Store"

Welcome to Viola's Emporium and Stitch Niche. Our store opened in 2000 in Jupiter, Florida before we bought our store front in Dunnellon. The House was built in 1923 and is in the Historic district just off County Road 40 and Hwy 484.

We carry a wide variety of name brand yarns. Our knit and crochet supplies are from well known needlecraft supply companies. We are not just a yarn shop anymore.

    The store carries Handmade items made locally, plus Antiques, Collectables, Dunnellon Post Cards and Souvenirs. We also have Unique Gifts such as Car Charms, Car Coasters, Figurines, rain Gauges, Plush Animals for kids, Sarongs and Kaftans are also here.  Fan Pulls, Wind Spinners, Bookmarks, and Pocket Charms have been recently added along with Ladies Hankies with more stuff on the way.